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Law Offices of Mirhosseini & Associates, was founded based on a single mission — to deliver the best possible results for you, regardless of the cost to us. Our firm is dedicated to spending the time and resources necessary to prepare your case, even hiring experts outside our firm when necessary.

We won’t skimp on your case. Our firm never neglects our clients’ rights or pushes for an unnecessary plea bargain simply to avoid the costs of a trial.

At Law Offices of Mirhosseini & Associates, our superior standards of conduct, professional excellence and excellent case results have earned the respect and admiration of the legal industry, the news media and — most importantly — our clients.

دکتر علی رضا میرحسینی
وکیل رسمی دادگاههای کالیفرنیا و فدرال آمریکا
با بیش از 25 سال سابقه وکالت
امور تجاری و قراردادها، امور جنائی، تصادفات، امور مهاجرت