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In our 28 years of service, all of us here at Atlas Travel have prided ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers. We are here to provide you with outstanding customer service. Our personal touch can bring you great benefits such as telephone-order airline and cruise tickets, hotel accommodations, and all-inclusive trips. Our highest priority is to provide you with the quality and comfort you deserve, during your travels, at the lowest prices possible.

Atlas Travel is here to help you experience the joy and inspiration of travel. With the friendliest, most personal service in the industry, we are not satisfied, until you are satisfied. We would be pleased to present any information you need for a pleasant and relaxing journey or a business trip. You can get any information or book air tickets by telephone.We are always at your disposal to ensure comfort and convenience when traveling to any point of destination.

If you have any further questions or would like to send comments, please contact us at or call toll free at (800) 851-ATLAS

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آژانس مسافرتى اطلس

با‭ ‬آژانس‭ ‬اطلس‭ ‬با‭ ‬اطمينان‭ ‬بيشتر‭ ‬سفر‭ ‬مى‭ ‬كنيد
‬۳۰سال‭ ‬سابقه‭ ‬خدمت‭ ‬به‭ ‬جامعه‭ ‬ايرانى
با‭ ‬مديريت‭ ‬فرنگيس‭ ‬فراهانى

‭ ‬تنظیم‭ ‬تورهاى‭ ‬هوائى‭ ‬و‭ ‬دريائى
‭ ‬رزرو‭ ‬هتل‭ ‬و‭ ‬اتومبيل
‭ ‬مسافرت‭ ‬به‭ ‬تمام‭ ‬نقاط‭ ‬جهان