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Are you planning a special event?  Are you looking for a DJ, Lighting, or PhotoBooth?  Look no further than Dashing Events. We have been providing excellent entertainment and event services to the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas since 2004. Our five-star rated services are most frequently sought out for weddings, parties and corporate events.

DJO (Omead)

DJO specializes in multi-ethnic wedding DJ & live entertainment and concurrently performs as MC (master of ceremonies).  With over 12 years of experience from over 600 events, DJO offers talent and professionalism that exceeds your typical DJ by far.  He speaks English, Farsi, and Spanish.

Wedding Specialist

DJO’s passion for music and entertainment led him to start DJing in 2003, primarily entertaining private parties and weddings. DJO’s passion and success grew quickly, and after hundreds of events,  he is now one of the few DJs committed to full-time wedding entertainment.

Experienced Professional

You’re hiring a professional. DJO has a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and ten years of experience as a quality engineer and quality manager. This background and experience has refined his commitment to quality, customer service, and organization to consistently create seamless event production.

Dynamic Talent

Years of experience from hundreds of weddings have helped polish DJO’s experience with a wide array of music, including old, new, and international music. That means that he can tastefully and seamlessly entertain your diverse crowd of guests with the right music and the right time for non-stop fun.  Experience with international music and ethnic crowds include Latin, Middle-Eastern and more.

Audio, Lighting, and Event Services Overview

Choose Dashing Events for any or all your special event rentals, including audio, decor lighting, projectors & TVs, dance floors, and photo booth.

  • Professional equipment – Reliable & high quality for your peace of mind
  • Professional team – Experienced, organized, and friendly with excellent customer service
  • Talented DJs – Seamless transitions, non-stop live mixes, and tasteful song selection for non-stop dancing & fun

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