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Farzaneh Social Services Disability Management Center (FSSDMC) was established in 1997, offering a wide range of expertise in all fields of social services and social security benefits. We provide full advocacy services to a multiple ethnicity clients in California and Nationally.

Our service strategy with our clients is as follows:

  1. Careful assessment of the client’s physical and/or mental disability, and social services’ needs;
  2. We put in place an individual plan of action together in consultation with clients and their family;
  3. We begin a step by step monitored program of building up our client’s case, obtaining all necessary documentary evidence and medical records from medical professionals, financial and other relevant sources;
  4. We then, as our client’s advocate and representative, work with the relevant organizations, including Social Security offices, State Social Services, Appeal and Hearing courts and Immigration until completion of the case.


It is the mission of Farzaneh Social Services to enhance the quality of life and self-sufficiency of people in need of social and financial services. Our ultimate goal, in our unique full service center, is to help our clients qualify for benefits they are entitled to under Social Security and State Social Services. We provide a high quality of service to all ages and backgrounds with disability and claims for benefits in California and nationally.


Firouzeh Farzaneh is a Social Security Advocate and Social Services Expert with 25 years of international experience. She is a member of NOSSOR (National Organization for Social Security Claimants Representation). Firouzeh has a varied background, before establishing Farzaneh Social Services 16 years ago, Firouzeh worked in the county mental hospital and in the rehabilitation center as a psychiatric social worker.

She has helped thousands of applicants with physical and mental disability to receive the best benefits and service that they were entitled to. Her mission is to help her clients to become independent and enhance and improve the quality of their lives.

Value Statement

We have established practices and policies in place to protect our clients’ confidentiality, to provide quality and timely service to our clients with dedication and commitment to each individual case. Our staff members are dedicated to provide services with compassion, respect and accountability.

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