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With over 20 years of experience, Jozef Besharati has built an excellent reputation that has made him one of the most sought-after event caterers in Southern California. With his zealous passion for elegance, his vast experience in event coordination, and his extensive background in catering, Mr. Besharati prides himself on Persia Inc.’s repeated business and clientele referrals.

Persia Inc. is the ideal catering service, delivering much more than great food and distinguished support. Persia Inc. is your resource for delectable cuisine, custom tailored to your needs and desires. We offer beautiful and impressive ballrooms with contemporary French, American or Persian menus that are certain to make your nuptials a memorable occasion. It is our goal to ensure that your dining experience exceeds all of your utmost dreams.

Persia Inc. also offers additional enhancements that will truly provide a marvelous touch to your special event. Our Fruit Display is a unique art with endless possibilities that generates breathtaking results. Only the freshest, lush fruits are chosen for the display. Allow us to dazzle your guests with a luscious array of exotic and tropical fruits, carved and arranged into mouthwatering creations by our professional fruit carvers. The Tea House display is also an exclusive opportunity to give your special event a little something extra. With your contemporary or traditional display styles, our unique selection of exotic teas and delectable snacks can be tailored to fit any occasion. Providing the finest variety of teas for our clients and their guests, we source our products from all of the leading tea cultivation areas around the world. In addition, our tea is accommodated by delicious dried fruits, sweets, and cookies that are perfect for guests to enjoy. Clients have the option of authentic attendants dressed up in the distinctive “mahalie” attire serving guests, providing a marvelous, traditional touch to your picture perfect event.

Persia Inc. takes pride in customizing exclusive wedding packages for each bride & groom. Our dedicated personal service, creativity, and attention to detail allow you to take the time to enjoy your engagement. Throughout the planning process, we work closely with clients and respected industry professionals in order to help create a luxurious and enjoyable atmosphere for what is normally such a stressful time for couples and their families. We make sure that all of your needs are met, from an authentic and traditional ceremony, to wedding rehearsals, entertainment, flowers, clergy, décor, cuisine selection, venue location, photography, and transportation. Persia Inc. will strive to fulfill precisely what you envision for your ideal night of tradition, elegance, and romance. Let our catering services and event planners help you select the most appropriate package for your special event.

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جوزف بشارتی

متخصص پر سابقه جشن های با شکوه در هتل های لوکس اورنج کانتی

جوزف بشارتی با بیش از ۲۵ سال سابقه و تجربه، مجالس زیبا و عروسی مجلل و خاطره انگیز را برای شما و عزیزانتان فراهم می نماید. هدف و آرمان شرکت پریشا با مدیریت جوزف بشارتی همواره رسیدن به بالاترین کیفیت عالی بوده و در این راستا با الهام از آخرین و مدرن ترین طرح های زیبا و خاطره انگیز، مجالس شما را تزیین می نماید. تیم مجرب ما با پشتوانه سالها تجربه در برگذاری صدها مجالس عروسی پاسخگوی نیازهای شما است. خدمات برنامه ریزی و کیترینگ مجلس عروسی و هماهنگی تمامی مراحل در برگزاری هر چه بهتر این رویداد جاودانه از تخصص های منحصر به فرد شرکت پرشیا میباشد.

ارائه منوهای غذا لذیذ استثنایی،ایرانی، فرانسوی و امریکایی با طراحی به یاد ماندی سالن مجلس عروسی، پیش غذاهای خوشمزه و شیک، میز میوه زیبا با دکور متفاوت و استثنایی و دسر های خوشمزه ایرانی فرانسوی با چایخانه سنتی از ابتکارات شرکت پرشین میباشد. ژوزف بشارتی از نزدیک با شما کار می کند و با اطمینان خاطر خدمات پذیرایی ایده آل  برای جشن شما را از جمله  مراسم اصیل و سنتی ،گل ، عاقد، دکور، انتخاب غذا، انتخاب هتل ، عکاسی، سفره عقد را فراهم نموده و شبی ایده آل و عاشقانه را به شما و عزیزانتان تقدیم میکند.