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Attorney Hadjian has worked in the various fields such as Family and Immigration Law. While attending law school she worked as a paralegal and law clerk for well-known law firms and Family Facilitator office of Superior Court of California. Additionally she has 12 years of experience as an examiner /adjuster in insurance industry. She is also qualified as court appointed attorney for minor children in Orange County and Los Angeles County. Moreover she handles Negotiation and drafting Pre-Nuptial, Post-Nuptial Agreements. Additionally she practices Negotiation/ Mediation and Collaborative Divorce which is an alternatives to traditional divorce Attorney. Hadjian has a certificate in Family Law mediation by successfully completing a mediation course. She graduated from Whittier College, (California ABA) School of Law in 2001.  Her office is insured with Lawyers Mutual Group. Attorney Hadjian and her staff work hard to maintain open communications with clients and encourages settlement in a most efficient and cost effective manner. She is currently a member of State Bar of California; Orange County Bar Association; Los Angeles Bar Association; San Diego and American Bar Association (ABA). Attorney Hadjian is certified to represent clients in California District Court; California Superior Court; California Court of Appeal; California Supreme Court, and United States Court of Appeal of Armed Forces.

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This office has represented individuals throughout Southern California for many years, with a focus on Immigration and Family Law. Our goal is to help people who need help the most, such as children, victims of domestic violence, or others with problems related to Family and Immigration Law.Our policy is to provide the most efficient, courteous and professional services to each and every one of our clients.

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Attorney Hadjian has successfully represented clients with variety of Family Law, and Immigration Law issues in various Southern California County Superior and Immigration courts such as Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County and Riverside County.

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زرى حاجيان

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زرى حاجيان با تجربه كارى بيش از 12 سال با شركتهاى بیمه به آسانى مى تواند حقوق شما را از آنها دريافت دارد.

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