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Michael Meshkin M.D.


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Dr. Meshkin’s private practice has been dedicated exclusively to hair restoration for more than twenty years. He is committed to staying active in this field through ongoing education and incorporating the latest advances into his practice. He is constantly looking for new techniques and innovations for the benefit of his patients. He believes strongly that his clients deserve his personal attention and care, not a consultant. Dr. Meshkin artistic background and surgical skills account for creation of natural results.  Each treatment is customized to the patients needs and concerns. He presents his patients with all viable treatment options, including Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Body Hair Transplant (BHT), Eyebrow Transplant, Eyelid Transplant, and non surgical therapies, such as medical hair  treatment and laser, if appropriate. He offers hair transplant consultations free of charge.

Dr. Meshkin is honored to be amongst the first 30 hair transplant doctors worldwide to be certified and one of the first hair transplant specialists in the world to meet all of the high standards, requirements, and qualifications to become a Diplomat of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery(ABHRS).  He is the president and founder of Cosmetic Hair Restoration Surgery Institute, which is one of the finest hair restoration surgery and hair loss treatment centers in the country.  Dr. Meshkin is also one of active members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery(ISHRS), the largest hair restoration surgery organization in the world.

Dr. Meshkin is recognized internationlly as an accomplished author, clinical researcher, surgeon and educator on the subject of hair loss surgery and treatments.  Dr. Meshkin has dedicated his life to the art of hair restoration surgery and helping to change the lives of his clients for the better.  Thousands of people suffering from hair loss have visited Dr. Meshkin’s clinics from around the world each year.

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