Mike S. Manesh, J.D.


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The Law Offices of Mike S. Manesh specialize in estate planning, business law, asset protection and more recently OFAC matters!

Mike S. Manesh, Esq. is the principal of the LAW OFFICES OF MIKE S. MANESH, APC, where has been practicing for over twenty years. Mr. Manesh’s practice is dedicated to helping clients build and protect their wealth, as well as prepare for and deal with life cycle events. Primarily, Mr. Manesh tackles the complex legal areas of trust, estate planning, asset protection planning, probate, and tax laws. However, due to the recent strict enforcement of U.S. economic sanctions against Iran by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), Mr. Manesh works extensively with U.S. persons who wish to engage in transactions involving Iran.

Mr. Manesh is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, and various Federal and District Courts in the United States, including the Supreme Court. Mr. Manesh is also a member of WealthCounsel, LLC., the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

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