Nadia Teymoorian, Psy.D.


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Heart2Heart is the only service that stays with its clients from their first date through marriage to ensure success. We recognize that one must be emotionally prepared before entering into a relationship. Therefore, we offer insight and guidance prior to matchmaking and bringing partners together. Then, throughout the dating process, we counsel them on everything from dating etiquette to strengthening a relationship and addressing conflicts.

Of course, the art of matchmaking is truly finding the right matches. Heart2Heart believes there is someone for everyone. Often, this person is the one who is the closest match to what we fantasize or idealize in a mate. Our life-match specialists probe this concept with each client. We pay attention to the smallest details.

We are more effective than any other online or match-making service because of the personalized service that we offer our clients. We conduct a face-to-face interview with each individual and get to know them personally to understand their exact and particular needs in a relationship and will match them to their partner according to their needs. We assess each individual for personality and compatibility and according to their results we match them to their type. The chances of finding a mate through our customized assessments and detailed attention that we provide for each individual are much higher than any other form of dating.

Through our assessments our clients will learn more about themselves as well. Our life-match counselors arm individuals with knowledge about themselves as well as the dating skills needed in today’s world. This is especially helpful for those who are recently re-entering the dating world.

Our service is affordable, yet personalized and genuine. Our life-match counselors review every profile to understand each client’s personality and compatibility profile. There are some personality types that should never be matched together or they will create disastrous relationships. Most matchmaking sites do not take this into consideration and match individuals with all types. Because these sites never get to know the individual personally and there are millions of individuals out there, waiting so meet their ideal match. It is not in the best interest of the online dating sites for individuals to meet their partner, so that they can keep joining and subscribing to their services. We take pride in our work and equate a perfect match as our only measurement of success.

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 با جدیدترین روش های علمی و تستهای هماهنگی  و شخصیتی، شما را به یار مناسب

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