Neyssan Tebyani, M.D.


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Dr. Neyssan Tebyani is a board-certified urologist. He graduated from UCLA medical school in 1995 and received many honors, including Top Medical Graduate and The Warren Medal. He completed his general surgery and urological surgery training at the Kaiser-Permanente medical center in Los Angeles. Dr. Tebyani continued his training in Germany where he expanded his skills in laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Tebyani also has completed advanced training on the da Vinci® Robotic Surgery system and has been certified by Intuitive Surgical. He has been involved in various research projects, published scientific papers, and contributed to urology textbooks.

Since 2001, Dr. Tebyani has been practicing in Orange County, California. He practices adult urology dealing with a variety of urological problems including prostate problems, kidney stones, incontinence, and various cancers involving the urinary tract. Dr. Tebyani focuses on robotic-assisted urology surgical procedures and minimally invasive approaches that achieve excellent outcomes, while minimizing patient discomfort. This includes robotic-assisted removal of the prostate gland, which results in less blood loss and quicker recovery.

دكتر نيسان تبيانى

جراح و متخصص بیمارى هاى مجارى ادرار و كليه

داراى بورد تخصصى از آمريكا, فارغ التحصيل از دانشگاه پزشكى UCLA

تشخيص و درمان كامل: بزرگ شدن پروستات, بى اختيارى ادرار خانمها, سرطان پروستات، كليه و مجارى ادرار, سنگ كليه, عقیمى و ناتوانى جنسى

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