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Sohrab Rowshan, M.B.A.

Sohrab Rowshan M.B.A., founder and president of R&R Accounting Services, is an experienced professional with a Master’s degree in accounting and a specialty in cost accounting. Mr. Rowshan has a 22-year background in preparing Individual, Partnership (Partnership, LLC) and Corporate (C or S) tax reports. He is licensed by the State of California and has been a member of the Society of California Accoutants since 2008. He is a “NON CERTIFIED” By C.B.A. 

IncorporationIf you are considering incorporating your business, you can take advantage of our free consultation to determine your eligibility and learn the benefits and disadvantage of incorporating. Business incorporation is expensive, so you need a professional opinion to make sure it’s worthwhile in your case. If you decide to incorporate, we are online with the appropriate state office to check name availability. You may visit us at www.Corpnow.comWe can incorporate your business in either of two ways:24 hour service (additional fee applies) or 72-hour service. Our package is complete, and includes all the documents required to open your bank account. We provide you with an Employee Identification Number, First Minute of the Corporation, Subchapter �S� Election, Sales Tax Number, Employment Development Department (EDD) Number, and Book of the Corporation, which includes Bylaws, Stock Register, Stock Certificate and Seal.

• Fully Computerized• Payroll Processing with Direct Deposit

• Income Tax Return (Indv., Corp., Prtshp)

• Sales Tax Report with e-File

• IRS, EDD, State Board Audits

• Payment Plan with IRS, Electronic Filling, Amend Return

• Tax Consultant

• Bookkeeping Service

• Financial Statements

• Incorporation

• Dissuloution

• Construction Bond

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