Sara Shokouhi and Farrokh Alemzadeh, M.D.


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Dr. Shokouhi believes in providing quality care and taking the time to intimately know her patients. Many of our patients and colleagues describe her as a knowlegeable clinician but admire her empathy and down to earth personality.

She has been practicing medicine for over 10 years and spent three years at USC’s PIH residency program, specializing in family medicine. Her special interests include women and adolescent health. Prevention of disease is the focus of her practice.

Dr. Shokouhi is a devoted wife and mother. ” Together my husband and I work side by side in our practice and strive to offer the true essence of family medicine.”

دكتر سارا شکوهی و دکتر فرخ عالمزاده

پزشک خانواده

از بين بردن موهاى زائد با ليزر، جوان سازی  پوست و از بين بردن لكه هاى قهوه اى، درمان مويرگ هاى  صورت، درمان جوش Acne  با   IPL

معاينه كامل ساليانه اطفال و بزرگسالان، بیماريهاى زنان، پاپ اسمير، بیماريهاى قلب، فشارخون، قند و كلسترول، بیماريهاى گوارشى، كليوى و ريوى، بیماريهاى تيروئيد و غدد داخلى، بیماريهاى پوستى، تست تنفسى، نوار قلب ، واكسيناسيون، تست سرطان، آسم و آلرژى، صدمات ورزشى، مشكلات روحى و روانى، Massage Therapy