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Shida Saam D.O.


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Dr. Shida Saam D.O.’s mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis.  We have created a practice that we believe in and choose for our own family members.

Shida,Saam, D.O. received her medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences and completed her residency at the UC Irvine Family Practice program. She is board certified in Family Practice and Geriatrics.   Dr. Saam chose to focus on family practice and preventive medicine because she enjoys helping her patients maintain optimum health through both traditional and alternative medicine. She takes a holistic approach to medicine by incorporating integrative therapies, as appropriate to the patient’s individual need. “It is important to develop a trusting relationship with patients and encourage them to participate in the treatment and decision making process,” says Dr. Saam. “Forming a partnership with my patients enables us to work together to improve their health and well being.” Dr. Saam is pleased to be a part of the team of family practice physicians at Hoag. “I chose to practice at Hoag because of the excellent reputation of the hospital,” says Dr. Saam. “I continue to be impressed by the superb customer service from the staff at Hoag, which makes the patient’s experience so much more comfortable and that is very important to me.” Dr. Saam is fluent in English, Spanish and Farsi, and has a private practice located next to the future Hoag Hospital Irvine.

Dr. Shida Saam  has been in practice since1997. She is a  board certified, both in geriatrics and family practice. She believes that optimum health is maintained by both alternative and tradional medicine, thus she specialises in natural hormones (bioidentical hormones), Vitamin therapy which includes evaluation and close observation of the therapy,PMS, geriatrics and other related diseases. Due to obesity related problems,  she offers weight management which includes evaluation of the patient eating habits, and subtle changes to encourage a change of lifestyle. Furthermore she understand that an optimum health, is a combination of taking care of yourself  from inside and out. she offers Bottox, Juviderm, Lattise, Obaji variety of cosmetic services. As a mother of two children, she also relates to the importance of childrens well being. Her practice offers vaccination for childern and annual preventive care.

دكتر شيدا سام

پزشک خانواده، داخلى

فارغ التحصيل از دانشگاه UCI استاديار دانشگاههاى (وسترن) و

بیمارى هاى كودكان و بزرگسالان، بیمارى هاى زنان، يائسگى وPapSmear، تشخيص و درمان بیمارى هاى داخلى ( قند،  فشارخون ،كلسترول و ……)، واكسيناسيون و چک آپ كامل ساليانه، درمان ناتوانى هاى جنسى بانوان، درمان يائسگى با هورمن هاى گياهى، پيشگيرى اكثر بیماريها با ويتامينهاى گياهى